“Isn’t she a good mom?”


watch bones, they said
it’s a crime show, they said
why are you violently sobbing into your pillow, they said

7x07 The Prisioner in the Pipe


Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz during the Bones Panel at PaleyFest, March 8


[Commentary] Emily Deschanel: I put my hand pretty close to your…
David Boreanaz: What?
Emily Deschanel: Junk [laughs]
David Boreanaz: My junk? Really? Close to my junk? Interesting…
Emily Deschanel: I moved my hand slowly up closer to that area.
David Boreanaz: And how do you spell “junk”?
Emily Deschanel: J U N K
David Boreanaz: Interesting…
Emily Deschanel: Capital “J”.
David Boreanaz: Right! [laughs]
Emily Deschanel: If it’s David Boreanaz…
David Boreanaz: …Then it must be some long junk! [both laugh]