The episode of the day

Season 1 x 18 Love’s Labor Lost 

A routine day filled with ordinary traumas becomes nightmarish when a distracted Mark critically misdiagnoses a pregnant woman’s delivery complication. A teenager is brought in after being accidentally poisoned. Benton grapples with his own demons in the wake of his mother’s collapse

Seriously, even if you never watched ER or never plan to, watch this episode. Just this one. It’s in the sixth position in the rank of best episodes of the history. Just watch this one, and tell me you didn’t like it.

may I please have a divorce? 

lay down a list of what is wrong
the things you told him all along
and pray to god he hears you
oh, pray to god he hears you 

What if we’re meant to be, like, superheroes? 


That Bones spin-off they keep talking about? Yeah, they should just make it an hour of Booth and Brennan kissing/sexin’/something to do with taking off each other’s clothes, because…DAMN.