I just missed her so much

“Isn’t she a good mom?”



#Bones 4x26 - The critic in the Cabernet

Brennan: Research shows that babies strongly resemble their fathers in the first year of life, the evolutionary theory being that they’re less likely to be abandoned if the fathers recognize themselves in their offspring.
Booth: Does that mean your kid will look like me for the first year?
Brennan: There’s a high statistical probability, yes.



Scrubs, the comedy

Inspired by (x)


storms never come to stay
they just show us how bad we need each other
how bad we need each other.


watch bones, they said
it’s a crime show, they said
why are you violently sobbing into your pillow, they said

7x07 The Prisioner in the Pipe


Rich Hardbeck appreciation post. {6x02} 

Make me feel like home again, home again.